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Playing with Story
1 ½ hours

Almost everyone can learn to tell a story well. In her "Playing With Story" workshops MacDonald teaches participants to tell three short audience-participation folktales in just an hour and a half. They leave ready to tell!

Playing with Story
Full day

Full day workshops include a segment on "Learning a Story in One Hour," instruction in using motif-indexes to locate folktales, bibliographies with sources for beginning tellers, and information on the folk backgrounds of the tales we tell. Participants learn six new stories during the day!

Using Story in the Classroom
1 ½ hour to full day

Using story in the classroom, creating a whole language web around a story, and teaching a storytelling unit in the classroom. Participants leave ready to tell several stories.

From Teller to Teller
1 ½ hours

Tracks the process through which a folktale moves from traditional teller to written book. Includes video of traditional telling, bibliographies of good sources for traditional texts. Participants leave ready to tell two stories.

Sharing Stories for Peace
1-1 ½ hours

Participants learn to tell several stories useful in helping audiences think about peaceful resolution. Bibliographies and tale texts provided.

Stealth Telling to Teens
1-1 ½ hours

Tales which work with teens. Participants learn several stories. Bibliographies and discussion of successful techniques.

The Art of the Folktale Picture Book
1-1 ½

Creating a folktale picture book, author-artist collaboration, writer's choices. MRM's picture books used to demonstrate.

Singing Tales with MacDonald and Scholtz
1-2 hours

Folktales with singing interludes. Participants learn 4-6 singing folktales.

Story Song Pairs. MacDonald and Scholtz
1-2 hours

Participants learn 4-6 audience-participation folktales and thematic folksongs to accompany the tale.