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Ten Traditional Tellers

Ten Traditional Tellers

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald

Interviews with ten traditional storytellers. Includes: Won-Ldy Paye (Liberian); Makia Malo (Hawaii); Curtis DuPuis (Chehalis); Vi Hilbert (Upper Skagit); Lela Kiana Oman (Eskimo); Roberto Carlos Ramos (Brazilian); Pra Inta Kaweewong (Thai) ; Léonard Sam (New Caledonia); Peter Pippim (Ghana); Rinjing Dorje (Tibet).

Type Year Publisher Price Length   ISBN
Hardcover  2006  University of Illinois Press   $50.00  200 pages  0-252-03055-9 
Paperback  2006  University of Illinois Press  $20.00  200 pages  0-252-07297-9 

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MRM TELLS SWIMMING TO KOTZEBUE Leila Oman's tale, retold by Margaret Read MacDonald


"Ten Traditional Tellers gives vivid glimpses of the social roles of verbal artists from ten very different oral traditional cultures. Letting the tellers speak for themselves, Margaret Read MacDonald has allowed ideas to emerge that are often surprising, demonstrating a wide variety of storytelling concepts."  ...Jo Radner, Board of Directors, National Storytelling Network

"MacDonald is a folklorist, storyteller, and author who has brought many traditional tales to life for modern listeners. Her portraits here open windows into unfamiliar cultures and affirm the value of story. A book that is well documented "  ...SLJ 12/1/06

"MacDonald documents the important work of traditional tellers in preserving a way of life and a sense of the culture in the contemporary world. Recommended. Lower-/upper-division undergraduates; graduate students; general readers. M.L.Jackson, Florida State University"  ...Choice March 2007

"" an apparently effortless style...disarming and unexpected at times...Across a diverse range of languages and cultures the story itself becomes liquid almost escaping any dry scholarly attempt at strict definition....This book illustrates that new skills, new media, and new vernacular worlds dictate that there are many gradations of tradition." "  ...Stiofan O Cadhla, National University of Ireland...Journal of Folklore Research Review

"These case studies, together with their accompanying stories, are rich, diverse, and a cheering reminder of the continuing vigour of traditional storytelling today. "  ...Fiona Collins, Carrog, Wales...Folklore

" Margaret Read MacDonald is to be commended for her discussion of storytelling from the perspectives of the tellers. Drawing from the interviews, she includes the first-hand information for which oral historians look...In doing so, she presents insights into storytelling that help deifne the nuanes of understanding which take the reader beyond the stories into the telling."  ...Barbara W. Sommers...The Oral History Review Winter-Spring 2007

"We observe a series of case studies that are unique in some way, yet are connected to each otehr by the storyteller's enthusiasm for their respective culture and the author's sensible empathy."  ...Art Leete, University of Tartu, Estonia...Asian Folklore Studies

""MacDonald has provided a valuable contribution to the study of oral narratives and storytelling. . . . Ten Traditional Tellers is a solid contribution to the popularization of folklore and brings needed attention to wonderful storytellers." "  ...Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale

"A successful melange of interviews and tales. ...presents not only interviews but also a window into why(and to whom) they tell, how their repertoires are built, and their initiation as teller...ends with an interrogation of the term "traditional"...and existent graduations between what is a traditional versus a revivalist teller...would serve well as source material for a course focusing on storytelling, oral history, or oral traditon....Wanda G. Addison, National University, San Diego...Western Folklore V. 68 "  ...Wanda G. Addison, National University, San Diego...Western Folklore V. 68

"In Ten Traditional Tellers, Margaret Read MacDonald provides a very accessible overview of the thoughts and perspectives of a small selection of tradition bearers regarding the transmission and preservation of their people's stories Of particular interest is the nonjudgmental manner in which Mac-Donald demonstrates how the tellers that she has profiled fit into a spectrum of tradition; she identifies ten gradations along that spectrum, extending from the purely traditional to the exclusively revivalist teller. The differences that she identifies here are important to consider when theorizing about oral narrative "  ...Journal of American Folklore, Summer 2011, 234-236

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