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The Storyteller's Start-Up Book

The Storyteller's Start-Up Book

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald

Basic advice on how to find, learn, and perform folktales. Plus twelve ready-to-tell stories. Includes stories that work with pre-school, elementary, and junior high. Many bibliographies to lead to more sources. An excellent first book for the serious storytelling student.

Includes: “Turtle of Koka” (Ki-Mbundu, Angola); “Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle” (Wales); “Puchika Churika (Selkup, Siberia); “Marsh Hawk” (Athabaskan); “Gecko” (Lango/Acoli); “Kudu Break!” (Basotho); What Are Their Names!” (Ki-Mbundu/Angola); “Ko Kóngole” (Nkundo, Zaire); “Ningun” (Nigeria); “Yonjwa Seeks a Bride” (Ndundo, Zaire).

Type Year Publisher Price Length   ISBN
Hardcover  1993  August House  $26.95  215 pages  0-87483-304-3 
Paperback  1993  August House  $14.95  215 pages  0-87483-305-1 

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"MacDonald distills her extensive storytelling experience into 16 very brief, schematically organized chapters. …Few readers will be able to encounter MacDonald’s encouraging advocacy without feeling an urge to find a story and audience of their own"  ...Library Journal

"An excellent, commonsense approach for the beginning storyteller, with much to interest the experienced tellers as well...MacDonald's techniques for learning and advice on selecting are straightforward and easy to follow, even for the most timid, and her evangelistic call to action is hard to resist....This is a book that every librarian should own and every librarian should personally recommend to people in the community who work with groups of all kinds. "  ...Journal of Youth Services in Libraries, Connie Rockman

"This excellent introduction to storytelling is filled with good advice for beginners and reinforcement and insights for experienced tellers. MacDonald's enthusiasm makes the book a pleasure to read as she addresses contemporary issues in storytelling in a compelling and thought-provoking way. "  ...School Library Journal, Nov. 1993 Marilyn Berg Iarusso

"MacDonald believes in the power of stories, a belief that is demonstrated throughout the book. After reading this book, beginning storytellers will be eager to get started."  ...Emergency Librarian, 21:5 Andre Gagnon

"A concise, non-threatening guide."  ...The Book Report, Nov/Dec 1994

"Never before have I had the opportunity to find so many helpful hints in one place. ...MacDonald has created what could be the definitive text for storytellers and educators to use on how to tell stories. "  ...Texas Teller, July 1993


Storytelling World Award

Public Library Catalog, 11th ed

Children's Catalog 19th ed.

Children's Core Collection, 2014, 21st ed.

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