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Thai Tales: Folktales of Thailand

Thai Tales: Folktales of Thailand

Author: by Supaporn Vathanaprida. Edited by Margaret Read MacDonald

Includes: "Lung Ta, the Calm Woodcutter"; "The Liars Compete"; "The Marvelous Canning Factory"; "The Liars Contest of the King"; "Drinking with Yommaban, the King of the Dead"; "Sri Thanonchai and the King"; "Sri Thanonchai and the Two Moons"; "Sri Thanonchai's Special Dishes"; "Why the Bear Has a Short Tail"; "Tiger Seeks Wisdom"; "The Elephants and the Bees"; "Power and Wisdom"; "The Deer Buddha"; "Seven Stars"; "The Honest Woodcutter"; "The Thieving Crow"; "Who Is Best?"; "The Pious Son-in-Law"; "He Who Thinks He is first is Unwise": "Plenty"; "The Good Boy"; "Medicine to Revive the Dead"; "When Death Comes"; "If It Belongs to Us, It Will Come to Us"; "Muang Laplae: the Land of Fantasy"; "Mouse Island and Cat Island"; "Kaeo, the Horse-face Girl"; "Chet Huat Chet Hai (Seven Pot, Seven Jar)"; "The Twin Stars"; "Songkran: A Thai New Year Story"; "The Daughters of Thao Kabinlaphrom and Their Attributes".

Type Year Publisher Price Length   ISBN
Hardcover  1994  Libraries Unlimited  $24.50  152 pp  1-56308-096-6 

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"A well-rounded representation of the traditional and classic Thai works"  ...Midwest Book Review

"A strong collection...A well-rounded representation of the traditional and classic Thai works. "  ...Bookwatch

"Thai Tales brings an exotic culture to your bookshelf in a wonderfully accessible way."  ...THe Story Bag, June/July 1995

"Ideal for classroom read-alouds and oral presentations. "  ...Writing Teacher, Sept. 1996


Storytelling World Honor

Elementary School Library Collection, 22nd. Ed.

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