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Wishing Foxes

Wishing Foxes

Author: Margaret Read MacDonald, with Jen and Nat Whitman
Illustrator: KItty Harvill

Bess is kind to bear, mountain lion, and boar, washes foxes at well. Foxes with that gold fall from her mouth, diamonds from her nose. Unkind Tess kicks animals, mistreats foxes. Toads from mouth, corn from nose. Bess sings happily en route, Tess chants grumpily. A lively Kentucky version of the traditional "Toads and Diamonds" motif.

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Hardcover  2017  Plum Street Publishers    32p   

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"the traditional tale is told smoothly and effectively, with a lively, folksy lilt. MacDonald and the Whitmans provide a clear explanation of their sources; they even suggest a tune for those reading aloud to use to sing Bess’ and Tess’ refrains. The text is set directly on Harvill’s stylized illustrations, mostly double-page spreads done with watercolor and cut-paper collage that use page turns effectively and show well. The animals’ facial expressions and body language reflect their reactions. Endpapers with diamonds, gold coins, toads, and kernels of corn reflect the consequences of the girls’ behavior. MacDonald and the Whitmans previously collaborated on Teaching with Story (2013). Welcome wherever folk tales are popular. (Picture book/folk tale. 4-8)"  ...Kirkus Feb 1, 2017

"With a storyteller's cadence, Margaret Read MacDonald (with some assistance by Jen and Nat Whitman) wonderfully captures the tale's mountain rhythms, homespun wisdom, and timeless truth. Kitty Harvill's vibrant illustrations, rendered in watercolor and cut-paper collage, beautifully capture the interplay and mountain terrain that has shaped this unique version of a universal folk tale. Wonderfully entertaining with a deftly crafted moral for children ages 3 to 8, "The Wishing Foxes" is unreservedly recommended for family, preschool, elementary school, and community library picture book collections. "  ...Children's Book Watch April 2017, Midwest Book Review